What is Blogging

Know what blogging is.

 Friends, this is my first post on Blogging topic, which I am sharing with you. I want to share a lot with you about blogging. Which is not possible to tell in a single post. So more blogging about this  I will keep sharing all the information related to you. If you also have interest in Blogging, then I will keep you accessible to you through Blogging Step-by-Step new posts.

Know what Blogging is-

 We all will know about Google very well. Likewise Google has a lot of products of its own. Like you have heard about your YouTube. It is a product of Google itself. Similarly, Google has many products.  .Google Drive, Google Map, Google +, Google Dou, and Gmail etc. Likewise Google has a product Blogger. On this blogger we create our account and create our own account. And then in any of our topics  We create a blog by writing posts about the interest we keep. When we prepare our blog and reach our skills to another person through our post on it, this short is called Bolgging.

 Why do you Blogging?

 There are many reasons why people do blogging about blogging. Regarding this topic, we try to explain you in a little detail.

 • Some people have no motive for blogging, those people are only for their hobby i.e. their own blogging is a hobby. And they do blogging.

 • Such people, in whom some have different skills regarding their own things, and those people want to share this skill with other people, they want to tell them about their skills.  Therefore, blogging becomes a very good way for them and they do blogging.

 Blogging is also a great way to help other people. Those people who want to help people with their skills, who want to learn something. Blogging to help other people through Blogging  Let's do

 • To earn money, some people do blogging. Because we can earn money from blogging too, that's why many people do blogging too.

 Benefits of Blogging-

 There are many advantages to blogging. Because when we are blogging and when we help someone, then our response increases. And we become an identity people get to know us.

 So Friends, in this post of today, we will tell you a lot of further information about blogging in our next post. If you also want to learn or learn blogging then follow us. And wait for the next post to come.

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