How To Register Your Mobile Number In State Bank

If you are a customer of State Bank of India, then today's post will be very useful for you. Because today we will tell you how you can link your mobile to your account. Connecting mobile number to your account.  It is very necessary. We keep getting updates of our account from us. From our account balance to the amount deducted or deposited in our account, we are given detailed information by the bank through messages.  And this is possible only when our mobile number should be linked to our account.

 How to register a mobile number
Mobile Number Registration in SBI

Some important instructions for SBI Mobile Number Registration Process

 • For this your account should be submitted to KYC Bank.

 • You have to register the same number as the mobile number written in KYC form.

 • You must know your own account number

 How to register a mobile number

 • For registration, we have to first open the message box of our mobile from where we send the message.  You have to open the message box

 • You have to send a message from there by going to the message box.  Where you have to type REG, then we have to give an address and then we have to enter our account number. And after that send it to 09223488888.


 If your account number is 123456789 then you have to write the message like this

 • You have to send it to REG Ispace 123456789 and then 09223488888.

 After this, you will have an incoming message which will be written, Your Mobile Number Successfully Registered, so now you understand that your mobile number has been registered.

 Please note: - Sometimes it takes time for incoming messages to arrive, so wait.

 In this post, we made every effort to explain to you how to register a mobile number in SBI ie State Bank. If you still do not understand anything, then we can get information by commenting.

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