How to do Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

What is Mobile Number Portability?  How do we portability to mobile number.

Mobile number portability is such a service, according to which we can connect the mobile number that we have with any network company, such as if we have Airtel's sim card. And where we live, the airtel network is not good.  Or we do not like the service of Airtel that we like Jio. So we can get our number in Jio. This is called process portability.

What is Mobile Number Portability?  How do we portability to mobile number.

 Now the scope of this service has been enlarged and the service has also been greatly improved. Previously we could not get this service from one state to another state, but now we can port our mobile number to any state.  With this, earlier this service used to take seven days to complete. Now it is completed in three days.

How do we get the portability of our mobile number.

 For mobile number portability, we have to follow two short steps. We have to do one step ourselves and in the second step we have to go to mini store. So let's know which step it is.

 First of all, we have to send a message from our mobile, in which we have to write Port then a space and after this our mobile number and then we have to send it to 1900.

 For example, like our mobile number is 9712345678, so we have to write the message.

 Send to PORT <> 9712345678 and 1900.

 After this, a message will come on our mobile, in which we have given a UPC code. We do not have to share this code with anyone. Because it can also be used incorrectly. And we can also lose our mobile number.  We have to give you

 Now we have to go to the dealer of the company in which we have to get our number. We have to give UPC code to it and give our ID proof along with it.  With this, your mobile number will also get the message. And we will also be given a new SIM card, which the dealer will give us.

 Now we have to wait for three days. Within three days our old SIM will be closed. And the new SIM card that we have got. That SIM card will be operational. With this our mobile number will be portability.  Will join

 Benefits of Mobile Number Portability.

 There are many benefits of mobile number portability. Because when we do not like the service of one company and we want to go to another company, then we have complete freedom to go. And our number also does not change.

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