How To Use Pattern Lock In Realme Mobile.

Hello friends, you will get to learn in this post of ours today.  How do we apply Pattern Lock on any Realme phone. Friends, according to our information, there are many Realme users who do not know how to install pattern lock in Realme's mobile. So friends of this post  Through this, we will try to explain you in full detail how to install Pattern Lock on all Realme mobiles.

How to apply Pattern Lock in reakme
Use pattern lock in realme

How to apply Pattern Lock.

 • First of all, friends, we have to go to our mobile settings. Hopefully you will know that the settings are in all phones. After that you will have to move downwards. When you walk a little, you will get a fingerprint face.  The option of & Pascode will appear, you have to click on it. After that we have to click on Lock Password.

 • Now we will be asked for our password whichever password is inserted in our phone. The same password will be entered by us and proceed. Now when we give the password, we will see two options. From which we have to select Modify Pascode.  .

 • As soon as we click on Modify Pascode, once again we will be asked for our Purana password. We have to give our Purana password.

 • Now in the page which will open in front of us, we will see an option of Eencryption Method, we have to click on it. Now a list will open from the bottom in front of us. At the top, we will see the option of Pattern Lock.  To be selected.

 • Now the page of the pattern will open in front of us. On which we have to make our pattern. To make the pattern, we have to create whatever we want to create and then repeat the same pattern once again by moving ahead.  By doing this, our pattern lock will be set in our phone. Now we have to check our phone by pressing the lock button and check whether the pattern lock is installed in our phone. And we can say with full claim that the pattern  Lock will be installed on the phone.

 Friends, there will be many such people that they may be thinking about putting P Ultra Lock in their Realme phone but could not find it. Even then they must have thought that there is no pattern lock in Realme's device.

 In this post of today we tried hard to explain to all our friends how we apply Pattern Lock in Realme Mobile. And how we can use it. We hope that everyone understands well  Must have come. So in this post today, we want to say that if anyone has not understood anything, then through comments we have to ask us. We will help you completely.  Will come before you with a post

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