How To Use Bluetooth Free Internet

Today, when it comes to running free internet, we see only one option. And that is WiFi. Friends, for running free internet, we are limited to wifi and hotspot only. When there is no net pack in our phone.  If it happens, we search for our friend or any other hotspot only. Because we only know that the net can run through wifi.  We can use the internet through wifi and hotspot just like that. We can also run internet through Bluetooth.

How to run internet with Bluetooth
How To Use Bluetooth Internet

How to run internet with Bluetooth

 We will also try to explain you the whole way about how to run internet with Bluetooth and will explain to you the whole process so that you do not have any problem and you can run internet free from Bluetooth.

 So let's know.

 • First of all, we need the mobile of the phone that we want to connect to the internet. We have to go to some settings of this mobile.

 • To run the internet through Bluetooth, we have to first go to the main setting of our mobile. The main setting means the setting of our phone. We have to go to that setting.

 • After going to Settings, now we have to see another option of other wireless connection and click on that option.

 • When we click on other wireless connection, we will see an option of Bluetooth Tethering. We will see a button to ON in front of that option, we have to turn that button ON. When it is ON, then only blue color  Will go

 • Now we have our own mobile i.e. the mobile in which we want to run internet. That mobile has to be taken and its Bluetooth is turned ON. After that we have to connect to available device.

 • When our phone's Bluetooth is connected, the option of setting will show in front of it. Now we have to click on Settings. As soon as we click on Settings, we will see the option of Internet Accec and we have to click on it.  .

 Now we are ready to run free internet with Bluetooth.

 Please pay attention

 Blutooth Tethering option can be found anywhere else in the settings. We have told you this setting in realme mobile. You can find this option in any other phone. You have to search the option of Bluetooth Tethering in the phone settings.

 What speed do we get when running internet with Bluetooth?

 Now the question in our mind will be what will be the speed of running internet with Bluetooth. Because we have never run internet through Bluetooth, so let us tell you that you should not think about internet speed at all because at internet speed  There will be no difference as the speed we get from wifi on running the net, in the same way we will get on running internet with Bluetooth

 Our aim

 Our aim of running the Internet through Bluetooth is to keep you connected with technology. Because with the changing times, we should also change with technology and enjoy the new feature of new technology. To stay connected with technology  Stay connected with us through our website and with this, if you have liked the information given by us or have not understood anything of any kind, then you can take the information by commenting from us. We will help you in full.

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