Change / Update Photo in Adhar Card.

If you do not like the photos in your Aadhar card, you can update this way

 In today's time, the Aadhaar card has become very important in our lives. Whether we are availing government service or we have to take the benefit of subsidy, we need an Aadhaar card. Along with this, a complaint from the Aadhar card user  It is always seen that our photo in Aadhaar card is not good or our photo is not clear. Do you have the same complaint? This is why we are asking you because the Aadhaar card issuing organization UIDAI has given you their Aadhaar  It also provides facility to update the photos in the card. You can change your photo in your Aadhaar card.

Change / update photo in Adhar Card.
Update Aadhar Photi Online

Change / update photo in Adhar Card.

 There are two ways by UIDAI to update the photo in Aadhaar card by which you can update your photo in your Aadhar card. So let us know what are the ways that we can change our photo.  .

 • Offline way - The first way to change your photo in Aadhaar card is offline. We can use offline method to change our photo.

 • Online method - The other way to change your photo in Aadhaar card is online. We can also use online method to change our photo.

 We can change your photo in our base in the way that you feel right according to our convenience

 How to update your photo offline in Adhar Card

 How can we change our photos offline in Aadhar card.  Let us know. To change the photo in offline way, first of all we have to go to UIDAI. From there we have an update Adhar form

 We have to take the print and then we have to fill all the information asked in it and also have to put our own photo with it. Also if there is any more problem, then also fill it with the correct document and put an envelope in it.  Put it in and close it. After that send it to the head office of UIDAI. If you do not know the address, then you will find the form on the back of the form we downloaded. Send it there by post. After 1 month  Shipped to your address with correct and new photos.

 How to change online photo in Adhar Card.

 Now we know how to update our photos online in Aadhaar card. In Aadhaar card we cannot update our photos online manually. For this, we have to go to our nearest Aadhaar center.  Or the public service center at the bank or anywhere, wherever you are near, we can go and update your photo. For this we have to pay Rs. 25, the center will take our biometric photo and then submit it online.  is.

 After that we also get an online slip of it, whose enrollment number is given, and from that we can check the status of our update. As soon as our photo gets updated, the message gets on our mobile. And another few days later  Aadhaar is sent to our home and we can get a copy of Aadhaar removed from any internet shop if needed soon.

 Our aim

 Friends, through this post, we want to tell you that if there is a mistake in your base or your photo is not clear in it, then you can get it fixed. Let it go wrong and get it fixed as soon as possible.  Because when we need Aadhaar, we have no idea, so we should keep our Aadhar absolutely right.

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