How To Get a Blog or Website into Google Search

How to get your blog or website into Google Search

 When we create our website, our first task is that how we bring our website to Google Search. Whether our website is on Blogger or on Wordpress, it is very important to be in Google search. Because when  Till our website will not be in Google search, it is useless to work on our website, we are not going to get any benefit. Now let's talk about how we brought our website to Google search. So friends, we don't have to do much  It is just a small work that you have to do.

 To bring our website to Google Search, we have to add our website to Google Search Consol e. After which our website starts coming in Google search.

How to link blog or website in Google Search Console.
Link Website Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console.?

 Google Search Console is a tool of Google itself. Previously Google named it Web Master Tool. But now its name has been changed to Google Search Console. Its job is to rank the website. First of all we have to search Google  In this, we add an ad ie our website. When someone searches our website in Google, then our website starts coming in Google's search.

 How to link blog or website in Google Search Console.

 Now we will talk about how we connect our blog or website with Google search console. Or how to link. We will tell you with full details.

 To connect the website with Google Search Console, we have to go to its website. You can go directly to the website of Google Console from here. Click here to visit the website

 • When we go to the website of Google Console, we will see the option of Start Now at the top. We have to click on Start Now. Now a new window will open in front of us, in that we will be asked to sing in with Google Account.  We have to enter Sing by entering your Google account and password. And if your website is on Blogger then you can sing in with the same Google account.

 • Now after this, two options will appear in front of us. One will be in which you will ask for your domain name and secondly you will have the URL of your website, in the second option you have to paste the URL of your website and the first one is left blank.  Have to verify.

 • Now when we verify. So many options will appear on our screen in front of us. Out of which we will see the second option of HTML TAG. We have to open it directly with the help of the arrow given to us.  A code from an HTML Meta Tag will appear, which we have to copy.

 • Now we have to go to the HTML settings of our website. If on Blogger, go to Theme and go to Edit HTML. Now we have to copy HTML Meta Tag earlier and go to our HTML and copy it just below Head and  Have to save.

 • Now again we have to go back to where we had copied the cod. At the same time, we will see the option to verify and verify us. After that our website will be vieify on Google Search console. And our  The website Google Search will start coming.

 Benefits of Google Search Console

 This tool of Google has a lot of benefits for the website user. If we do not add our website in the search console, then the visitor will not come on our website, because how will anyone know that we have created the website.  If not, then visitors will not come on our website. With the help of Google, visitors come to our website.

 The biggest advantage of Google sarch Console is to rank our website in Google, which is the most important for us.

 Friends, in this post today, we tried to understand you how we bring your website to Google's search. And we hope that you have understood very well in this post.  If you have not come or have any problem related to it, then you can comment with us or join us through social media.

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